CVRA to Croydon Council

Dear Heather Cheesbrough and Pete Smith,

This email is sent on behalf of the Croham Valley Residents’ Association (CVRA), as we wish to bring to your attention a serious breach of your Development Management rules in the handling of the above-mentioned planning application that requires your urgent attention to satisfactorily rectify the situation, details as follows:

Some facts about this planning application:

Validated 31st July 2018

Documents Published Date: Mostly 24th July 2018 a few 30th July 2018

Neighbour Consultation Expiry Date: 30th August 2018

We happened go into the online documentation on the planning application this week and to are absolute surprise there have been 5 revised drawings submitted on the 13th November 2018 that totally redesign the whole proposed development, these are very substantial and material changes.

As you’re aware the normal process where this occurs is for the planning officer responsible for the planning application to send out a planning notification letter to those residents that have already written to Development Management about the proposal or as the occupier/owner of a neighbouring property.  At the same time the planning officer would set a new 21 day neighbour consultation period for comments from all interested parties.

Clearly this hasn’t happened in this case and this now needs to be rectified by a planning notification letter being sent out immediately to those residents and other interested parties that have already written about the proposal, together with a new 21 day neighbour consultation period being opened for comments on the very substantially and material changed plan drawings.  This will allow the local residents, the Resident’s Association and our local Councillors to further review and comment amended proposal.

Please kindly confirm that you will be taking the action steps along the lines we’ve outlined in the paragraph immediately above to satisfactorily resolve this matter.

On behalf of the Croham Valley Residents’ Association

David Rutherford, CVRA Committee Member