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13th May 2024

Dear Fellow Resident,

Re: Planning Application No. 24/01083/FUL 78A Coombe Road, Croydon, CR0 5RA; Demolition of Existing House and Erection of a 3 Storey Aparthotel Comprising of 12 Self-Contained Units with a Total of 3 Off Road Parking Spaces.

To view all documents in connection with this application, go to the following link entering the application number in the search box:


I’m advising you of a new Planning Application as detailed above which has been submitted by Flexistay Ltd to demolish the existing house and replace it with a 3 storey Aparthotel of 12 units. Further the recent refused planning application at the next door property at 78 Coombe Road to demolish the house and replace it with a building of 8 flats submitted by Oasis CP Projects Ltd, this company shares at least one common directorship with Flexistay Ltd.

Letters and emails should be marked for the attention of Jeni Cowan who is the case officer.

The deadline for the Council to receive objections to this application is the 1st June 2024.

This new Planning Application can be Objected to on the following basis:

This is a large overdevelopment of the site due to its bulk and mass that will create overbearing incompatible Aparthotel building of 12 units that fails to integrate into the neighbourhood, causing significant harm to the appearance of the site, the surrounding area and the street scene.

The proposed development fails to respect the local development pattern, layout, siting and dominates the plot with it towering above both 78 and 80 Coombe Road.

This proposed development will result in the loss of a valuable family house to provide an Aparthotel which is totally out of character with this residential area.

This proposed development has a Public Transport Accessibility Level (PTAL) rating of 2 which means the parking provision is not adequate for the site. The proposed off road parking provision of 3 is totally inadequate and will mean that overspill parking on Croham Park Avenue and Binfield Road. At an absolute minimum there should be at least 6 off road parking bays with one of these being a wider disabled parking bay.

A number of existing properties surrounding the proposed development in Coombe Road will suffer loss of privacy and visual intrusion to varying extents due to overlooking.

Please help protect your Croham Valley area from these Developers; it’s important that you Object to this particular Planning Application because of the risk of establishing a dangerous precedent, the strength of local opinion does count in many cases, as has been seen recently.

If I don’t already have your email address, please kindly provide it, as it will make future communications much easier for me, also if you would like me to send you this document electronically in order that you can cut and paste any of the information, just email me.

Thanks & best regards,

On behalf of the Croham Valley Residents’ Association,

David Rutherford, CVRA Committee Member

Responsible for Planning Related Matters

CC: CVRA Committee Members