AGM 2023 Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s report to the Annual General Meeting of

Croham Valley Residents’ Association

25th October 2023

Year ending 31st July 2023

In the year ending 31st July 2023 the association brought in income of £327. This consisted of £172 in subscriptions and £155 of donations. There was no advertising income. Expenditure totalled £618.

Added to the balance brought forward from 202122, of £4,584, this resulted in a cash balance of £4,293 as at 31st July 2023.

Please see the distributed accounts for the year with prior year comparisons. These are available on the website;,.and will be published in the next Newsletter. If you would like a copy sent to you please request one by emailing [email protected] .


Subscriptions for 2022/23 are much lower those collected previously. We have not yet managed to recover from the effect of the Corona Virus epidemic, COVID19, as we have lost many distributors committee members and have not been able to call door to door to collect annual subscriptions. All members were asked to make electronic payments or drop their subscriptions into 48 Croham Valley or 27 Castlemaine and a small number of loyal followers have done so. Without our band of dedicated collectors we have not been able to collect the annual subscriptions but I proffer my sincere thanks to the increasing number of residents who have paid by bank transfer or dropped the funds through my door this year.

We need some help to effectively implement a new electronic system to collect subscriptions and distribute news. This will be addressed in the coming year and if you can help in any way, please contact me.

Our intense planning work has not stopped and the Newsheets, with updates, are available online from our website and are emailed to all those who have provided an email address.

Advertising income for 2022/23 is currently non-existent and will only be recovered when we can arrange an appropriate service. There is advertising on our website but we are currently not charging for that.

Expenditure is significantly lower due to the lack of face to face activities and we have continued to ensure that all costs have been kept to a minimum.

As you can see, we have a healthy bank balance, are able to function happily at the current level and have some funds available to invest in new activities.


The Executive Committee have asked me to express their sincere thanks to our team of dedicated volunteers including Peter Kight for auditing our accounts. I trust it was not too arduous and that Peter will continue in the role for some time to come.

Wendy A Love FCCA

Hon. Treasurer

[email protected]