About us

This organisation was set up in the early 1970s for the benefit of the local residents in the Croham area. It is a small organisation run by the local residents to provide information and support as needed. We produce a quarterly newsletter to all members and look forward to the continued support of all the local residents.

The president of the organisation is His Honour William Barnett QC who is supported by Mrs Angela Shaw and Mr Edward Glynn  the vice-presidents.

The committee is chaired by MrJeremy Gill and he is supported three offices, two of which are unfortunately currently vacant.    If you are interested in joining us please contact Edward at your earliest convenience.

The position of Vice -chair and Honorary Secretary are both VACANT.

The Honorary Treasure is Mrs Wendy Love FCCA.

Our Committee

Mr.  Peter Knight                 Mrs.   Sara Pevsner

Mr.  David Rutherford       Mr.  Paul Sowan

Mrs .  Linda Oram               Mr .  Jashbhai Patel

The current independent auditor is Mrs. Kate Lynn FCCA

Please feel free to contact us on cvra@gmx.co.uk

Or you can write to the Editor at  27 Castlemaine Avenue , South Croydon,


Last dates for copy for the Newsletter : 1st February, 1st May, 1st August and  1st November

If you wish to place an advert in the newsletter please send the A6 colour pdf to the above email and we will process in the next copy.


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